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The Wrepairstation: The ultimate work companion, always determined to handover your needed instrument Based on fifteen years of experience in repairing and maintaining small electronics we invented the Wrepairstation.

It all started with our own problem: After reorganizing our workbench, shortly thereafter it was messy again. Inquiry showed that colleagues were struggling with the same problem. Some used improvised solutions to organize their workplace, such as using home, garden, and kitchen tools.

Three years ago the frustrations and stress motivated us to work on our mission to manage this problem. It was not easy to design a station that would keep all the tools in a logical and ergonomic position. It became an even more difficult process when tools and requirements increased.

Inspired by nature we managed to create an overall Workstation that is approved for all kinds of electronics repair industries. Based on our own experience and those of our colleagues we considered that the WRepairstation should be useful for a wide target group. Therefor we allowed for modular features meeting personal requirements, such as a heat gun holder, tin dispenser, and expandable plier holder.

The Wrepairstation including all optional features has a symmetrical layout, prepared for left and right hand users. The innovative and ergonomic swivel arm can be set easily depending your working angle.

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