Manufacturing high-performance circuit boards

LPKF ProtoMat Prototyping wbsFrom design to finished PCB prototype in just a few hours
The versatile PCB circuit board plotters fit as tabletop systems into any development environment and cover the complete range from analog to RF applications.

Reliable, powerful, and compatible
The LPKF ProtoMats are setting standards in precision, flexibility, and user-friendliness worldwide. The LPKF circuit board plotters are utterly irreplaceable for quick in-house production of printed circuit boards, whether for individual pieces in development projects or for low-volume production. They are ideal for high-performance, analog, digital, HF, and microwave applications. Made in Europe: For more than three decades, LPKF circuit board plotters have been regarded as the benchmark in milling, drilling, and contour milling of circuit boards.

Versatile software
Every LPKF structuring system is delivered with an extensive software package that has been optimized for ease of operation, maximum quality, and fast delivery of results. LPKF CircuitPro imports all current CAD data and transmits the production data to the structuring systems.

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