PCB Separator MAESTRO 6/X03

CAB maestro6 1280 wbs

Separation of pre-scored PCBs up to a length of 1,500 mm with a minimum of stress on the components.

The MAESTRO 6 is the consequent further development of the proven cab PCB separators. Even very lengthy PCBs can be separated fast, economical and without stress.

The carriage power unit is positioned right behind the linear blade. This crucially simplifies the separation and removal of the PCBs.


Important features

  • FR4, CEM3 and aluminum PCB processing
  • Circular blade adjustment one by one
  • Separation length continuously adjustable
  • In ergonomic terms, the support table can be vertically adjusted.
  • In terms of a preventive blade maintenance, the cutting performance is displayed.
  • A conveyor belt can be provided to deposit the separated PCBs automatically.

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