LPKF ProtoLaser U4

LPKF ProtoLaser wbs

Structuring of finest conductive path patterns

– Benchmark for printed circuit board processing

– Simple, fast, precise

– Different laser wavelengths and pulse frequencies

– Intuitive CircuitPro system software




Perfect for high-frequency applications

The laser structuring process is predestined for manufacturing for HF and microwave applications. In comparisons with etched printed boards, laser-structured printed boards came out on top in terms of precision, repeatability, and agreement with simulation results.

A welcome assistant in the electronics laboratory

The LPKF ProtoLasers are compact and undemanding. They only require a power outlet and compressed air and can fit through any lab door. The LPKF ProtoLasers S4 and U4 are each equipped with a vacuum table and a vision system and meet the requirements of laser class 1 in operation (no additional protective measures necessary).

Product information

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