Waldmann WLA Task & Work Bench Lighting

WLA LED mounted workstation system light is an ideal solution for manufacturing, assembly or quality control procedures, and metalworking environments - any area where quality lighting is essential. Three lengths allow for matching the light to the workbench to obtain the broadest light source possible.

The strong anodized aluminum housing and sealed construction protect the inner workings from environmental dust, etc. from entering the fixture. 5000K color temperature with CRI>80 offer bright, glare-free light for visual clarity. All models are designed for thru-wire capability.


  • Work bench light fixture
  • Broad light output for assembly workstations
  • 5000K color temperature with CRI>80
  • Three lengths to match any work space size
  • 50,000 hours maintenance-free LED technology
  • All models designed for thru-wiring capability
  • Strong anodized aluminum housing
  • Sealed to protect inner workings from environmental dust and other particles


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