WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot


More than half a century of experience in soldering and superiority in innovation, allows us to take our customers to the next step in achieving production excellence. The new WTBR 1000 Benchtop Robot represents a one-of-a-kind synergy of precision, reliability, and productivity of soldering tasks.


Highest soldering precision and superior reliability

  • The WTBR 1000 is equipped with Weller‘s high performance Technology Line soldering tools, ensuring consistent quality of solder joints.
  • The solder feeder is designed to be in close proximity to the workpiece (PCB), pulling the wire rather than pushing it through the feeder tube.
  • The robust and sturdy construction ensures that no sudden movements or vibrations negatively affect the workpiece, the components or the tools.

Maximizing productivity, lowering cost

  • A double drawer system allows continuous production thereby providing much higher process throughput, improving productivity and offering flexibility.
  • The WTBR 1000 allows up to 50% cost saving versus hand soldering.

Easy to learn and use software

  • The WTBR 1000 is operated with easy to learn and use software, enabling operators to start using the unit comfortably and quickly.
  • It is easy to switch from one operator to another, with minimum time lost and without unnecessary training expenses.

Fully-enclosed system offers triple protection

  • Being a fully-enclosed system, with integrated fume extraction, the WTBR 1000 Benchtop Robot allows our customers to achieve the highest level of safety: protecting the operator, the workpiece (PCB) and the machine.
  • The fully-enclosed system provides a complete and CE-compliant solution to the customer.





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