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Tektronix tbs2000 see more signalNew Tektronix TBS2000 Oscilloscope.

Big display, long record length, affordable price.

The new TBS2000 is designed to be great at performing an oscilloscope's most important jobs - looking at and measuring signals. It's a basic scope with class-leading performance.

The TBS2000 captures and displays significantly more signal, to help you evaluate designs faster.

The only thing it's missing is your imagination.

Features Benefits
20M Record Length with single-knob pan and zoom Capture long time signals and easily navigate through them to find important details
9-inch WVGA display  with 15 horizontal divisions See 50% more signal on one screen versus typical oscilloscopes.  Provides more room for waveforms and  measurements
32 automated measurements with gating Thoroughly analyze your signals. Choose measurements from a single screen that includes a graphical description of each one 
Up to 1 G S/s Guaranteed 10 times over-sampling gives confidence that you are not missing signal details
TekVPI® Probe Interface Allows you to use latest-generation active voltage and current probes for broad application coverage.  The oscilloscope and probes communicate to automate setup and scaling
HelpEverywhere on-screen tips Shows graphical on-screen descriptions of measurements and important settings, so you don’t have to refer to the manual
ScopeIntro, Built-in handbook This on-screen handbook will expand your general knowledge of oscilloscopes and their use
Courseware function Gives professors the ability to deliver lab exercise information and guidance on the scope display 
TekSmartLab compatibility Enables professors to bulk configure all of the instruments in their lab with a few mouse clicks, and monitor all instruments from a central station during labs
5 year warranty Guaranteed reliability

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