Tooltronics starts exclusive representation of LPKF Rapid PCB prototyping in the Benelux

lpkf1LPKF Logo 4C Druck PZGet PCB Prototypes Sooner with In-House Rapid PCB Prototyping

Save Time with In-House Prototyping

In-house circuit board prototyping eliminates waiting for external suppliers. With LPKF systems and solutions, even complex PCB prototypes can be completed and tested in a single day. Projects are completed sooner – reducing time to market.

The LPKF product line fully covers every step of the prototyping process, from structuring to SMD assembly. All methods are designed for ease of use so that even inexperienced users can quickly produce high quality prototypes.

Advantages of In-House Rapid PCB Prototyping:

  • Chemical-free production possible
  • Development process without delays
  • Quicker marketability
  • Layout data remains in-house


With LPKF equipment, prototype fabrication – from data preparation to assembly – takes only one day.

LPKF systems can produce multilayers of up to eight layers in addition to single and double-sided circuit boards. They even handle RF and microwave circuit board manufacturing with ease.

All LPKF systems are perfectly coordinated to ensure the fastest possible production process: once the data has been imported, a LPKF circuit board plotter or ProtoLaser will start processing. The structured circuit board is then used as a substrate that can be through-plated, laminated and populated. Processes for applying solder resist and screen printing complete the product line.


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