AOI Double Sided SMT Inspection

Maker-Ray AIS50X Series

Photograph the same board on the move with the upper and lower high precision cameras. Process image with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm. Intelligently judge defects of components and soldering. Inspect defects on T/B side.

Application: Behind Wave Soldering/Behind Reflow/Before Packaging

  • More accurate inspection by AI intelligent algorithm
  • Faster inspection with Dual Side
  • Simple operation by smart minimalist programming
  • Multi-apply to benefit different assessment
  • Support mixed PCB and multi-in-1 board inspection by AI positioning algorithm
  • Online programming to save line down time
  • Intelligently inspect fuzzy features such as color ring resistor, same-color feature materials, silk screen interference on surface
  • Model self-training for special components, reduce false positive rate by continuous learning to improve inspection accuracy.
  • Multi-purpose, inspect component defects of SMD, THT, solder joint, etc.
  • Real-time data recording and analysis, providing evidence for process improvement, and real-time data

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