Hikmicro M60

Handheld Thermography Camera

The HIKMICRO M60 handheld thermography camera stands out as a carefully designed tool for precise temperature measurement. Equipped with a high-resolution 640 × 480 thermal detector and an 8MP optical light camera, it ensures unparalleled accuracy in capturing thermal data alongside detailed visual imagery. Its 3.5-inch touchscreen offers an intuitive interface, displaying a picture-in-picture view that seamlessly combines both optical and thermal perspectives, providing users with comprehensive insights into their surroundings.

Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the HIKMICRO M60 camera proves to be an essential solution across a multitude of industries. From electronics applications to electrical predictive maintenance, building inspections, HVAC assessments, and manufacturing monitoring, its versatility knows no bounds. By offering accurate non-contact temperature measurement and heat distribution image displays, it empowers professionals to make informed decisions, identify potential issues, and ensure optimal performance and safety in various operational environments.

Whether it’s troubleshooting electrical systems, conducting building audits, or monitoring manufacturing processes, the HIKMICRO M60 excels in delivering actionable insights with precision and efficiency. Its compact and ergonomic design, coupled with its advanced features, makes it an invaluable asset for professionals seeking to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and maintain the highest standards of quality and safety.

Key Features:

  • High sensitivity thermal module with 640 × 480 resolution.
  • SuperIR up to 1280 × 960 (1,228,800 pixels).
  • Supports multiple palettes.
  • High quality optical module with 8 MP resolution.
  • Bi-spectrum image fusion, picture-in-picture preview.
  • Wide temperature measurement range: -20°C to 650°C.
  • High temperature measurement accuracy: Max. (± 2°C, ± 2%), for ambient temperature 15°C to 35°C and object temperature above 0°C.
  • 640 × 480 resolution 3.5” LCD touch display.
  • Long-distance laser light supplement for thermography targets.
  • LED light supplement makes the device a torch in required scenarios.
  • 1.0x to 8.0x continuous digital zoom.
  • Supports remote album access, download and quick report with APP.

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