Martin Dotliner 08

High-Precision Dispenser

 The MARTIN DOTLINER 08 combines a high-precision dispenser and XYZ gantry system. Enabled by volumetric time-pressure dispensing technology, smallest volumes are dispensed as dot, line or meander shapes with highest repeatability and remain unaffected by changing environmental influences. Intuitive design, fast process changes as well as the possibility to process a wide range of different materials are characteristic features of the device. Cartridge and dispensing nozzle can be tempered independently, the dispensing nozzle is heatable as standard. This allows repeatable dispensing results due to a constant viscosity of the medium as well as the use of temperature sensitive materials. With the integration of all functions of the Clever Dispense 06, the DOTLINER 08 is the reliable partner for micro assembly, SMD rework and surface-mounting.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive menu navigation & easy management of various projects.
  • Changes and file format conversion can be done directly in the program without the need for additional software.
  • Supported file formats (Gerber, Extended Gerber, Excellon data, NCD data, DXF, G Code, Step, STL.
  • Full integration of the CLEVER DISPENSE06 technology.
  • Easy editing of Gerber data via editor (line and dot dispensing).
  • Media and recipe management.
  • Nozzle library.
  • High process stability and reproducibility.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Temperature control of cartridge and dispensing needle.
  • Traceability via machine and process data logging.

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