PBT Works. Precise Cleaning Solutions for Electronic Assembly

MiniSWASH: Price-Effective, Powerful, Reliable Solution


  • Cleaning solder paste from any type of stencils, screens and printer squeegees
  • Removing SMT Glue residues from any type of stencils, screens or PumpPrint stencils
  • Defluxing, removing all kinds of soldering residues from high density PCBs
  • Cleaning contamination from handling and board manufacturing
  • Cleaning second side misprints on complex assemblies


  • Fully automatic spray-in-air closed loop zero drain system
  • Synchronous, double-sided, constant speed motor-driven nozzle manifold
  • Hot air knife direct dry technology
  • Anti-collision system
  • Synchronized motion check
  • Compatible with wide range of chemistry from various suppliers
  • Heating in cleaning medium, optionally in rinsing
  • Clamping for all types of stencils and squeegees
  • Advanced adjustable frame fixing system
  • Wide range of PCBA fixtures
  • Two fully separated liquid loops, up to 2-step rinsing
  • Low consumption of chemicals and water
  • Outstanding options of water utilization


  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • PLC control
  • Full barcode traceability, LAN connectivity
  • Unlimited recipe library
  • Adaptive rinse process control for stable quality
  • Multi language selection


  • Conventional framed stencils and screens fit directly into the built-in adjustable clamping
  • Wide range of standard fixtures and adaptors for other types of stencils and PCBAs
  • Customization is available for any clamping fixtures


  • Easily connected to water supply and drain
  • External filter carts with up to 25l mixbed and 25l active carbon
  • Optional double rinse

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