Seamark ZM XC1100 Offline SMD Reel Counter

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XC1100 is a micro-focus X-ray full-automatic counting machine.

It uses X-Ray perspective principle and independently developed algorithm software with AI function, which can quickly and accurately calculate the number of materials in the material reel. This X-Ray chip counter also has MES Data upload and automatic printing of material labels. To achieve the function of improving work efficiency and saving manpower.

Product Features

  • Compared with traditional counting/pointing machine, there is no need to unpack or transfer the reel in the X-Ray reel counter.
  • Suitable for all types of chip components, SMD devices above 01005.
  • Accuracy of counting reaches more than 99.99%.
  • Measurable reel diameter is 7-15 inches.
  • Innovative detection environment and algorithm with AI function.
  • Realize automatic counting.

Specification Of XC1100 Offline Reel Counter

X-Ray Tube Source Specification:

TypeSealed Micro-Focus X-Ray Tube
Voltage80 kV
Operating Voltage Range30-80kV
Operating Current Range200 -700μA
Max Output Power56W
Micro Focus Spot Size30μm-40μm

Flat Panel Detector Specification:

TypeTFT Industrial Dynamic FPD
Pixel Matrix3072×3072
Field of View427mm×427mm
A/D Conversion Bit16bits
Input Power220V  10A  50-60HZ
Max Sample Size450mm×450mm
Control System  Industrial PCWIN7/ WIN10 64bits
Net WeightApprox 800KG


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