Optilia M30x EasyView HDMI

Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom and fast auto-focus

performance enabling first class inspection without sacrificing throughput. To accomplish this the M30x EasyView HDMI camera has been configured using a powerful formula combining a 30x optical zoom, very fast and responsive auto focus and a highly sensitive 1080p Full HD sensor.

Score, seats to suit!

Ergonomic sitting contributes to good concentration and performance. A good ergonomic chair is an investment that quickly pays for itself. Especially when you take into account that an ergonomic posture helps prevent back injuries and RSI.

At Score an ergonomic chair does not have to cost more than one day of absence from work!

The right seating solutions ensure that you can do your job in a healthy way. Every day we are busy improving workplace situations, so that people can do their work in a healthy and pleasant way. With a team of fifty employees we at Score work every day on the best ergonomic chairs such as saddle stools. These seating solutions are exported to over fifty countries.

Ergonomic seating is the solution for a comfortable workplace. At Score product developers work every day on seating solutions of the highest quality. These ergonomic company chairs and accessories are developed from our factory in Tolbert. View our extensive product range.


Manual hot-gas source with a vacuum pen for board cleaning

The SMART DESOLDER combines a manual hot gas source with a vacuum pen for extraction of residual solder. Damage to the pads from overheating or mechanical stress is avoided through targeted heating of the residual solder after lifting the component. The temperature-controlled airflow prevents the neighboring components from warming up. After melting, the residual solder is removed contactless by the vacuum pen. The soft Teflon tip prevents damage to the pads through mechanical demands. As a standalone device, it virtually fits on any work bench and can be operated very flexibly with two handheld pens. The HOTBEAM 04 / 05 under-heating system perfectly completes the SMART DESOLDER 01. Through this combination, the temperature behavior can be optimized by way of a sensor-supported or programmed preheating profile.

Panasonic Assembly Tools

Optimize your process at the line

High-quality assembly requires a well-thought-out balance. Speed is indispensable, although this should not be at the expense of the quality of the end product. How do you ensure your need for efficiency in your process?

Discover our range of innovative cordless assembly tools and benefit from:

  • Machines with a range from 0.3 to 650 Nm. From the heaviest construction to the smallest detail, you make every connection as powerful as it is precise.
  • Optimal ergonomics for the operator, who immediately notices how light, balanced and fast operation is. Thanks to an ingenious construction, the machine causes only minimal vibrations.
  • No torque reaction on the wrist of the operator, which is very important when making connections.
  • Product ranges that enable accurate quality control by post-measurements via compact transducers. Checking is lightning fast, thanks in part to USB plug & play technology.
  • Product ranges that provide wireless communication between the machine and a qualifier. Each machine is individually and remotely adjustable, ensuring the correct parameters at any time. A machine also blocks as soon as it comes outside a radius of 10 meters from the qualifier.
  • A minimum of incorrect connections; only authorized persons can change the machine settings.
  • Extensive data logging. You have evidence and avoid disputes about liability.


SIGLENT Free Option Bundle

Address more Applications with the free Option Bundle for New SDS5000X Oscilloscopes

For a limited time, SIGLENT is including 6 software options at no additional charge with the purchase of a new SDS5000X oscilloscope. Included are 4 serial decoding protocol options, function generator control, and the new power analysis functions.


These options enable the user to conquer challenges with Automotive, Audio, Embedded and Power Electronics applications. Combined with the wide variety of all standard features, the SDS5000X becomes one of the R&D and Test Engineer’s most powerful tools.

Slim and fine with precision in the head

Wiha PicoFinish® ESD screwdrivers in a set

The challenge when working on electronic components is that they can be damaged by even the slightest voltage. The electrostatically dissipative PicoFinish® ESD precision screwdrivers safely and reliably prevent this danger. In addition, there are a multitude of other application advantages. Thanks to their long, slim handles and their quick-turn zone, the fine screwdrivers are ideal for precise and sensitive work on sensitive workpieces. The ergonomic handle design with soft zone enables comfortable working. Sensitive and fast turning is supported by the smooth-running turning cap. Furthermore, the printed symbols on the screwdriver caps make it easier to select the right screwdriver profile.


ITW Contamination Control Introduces GPW IPA WIPERS

IPA WIPERS saturated with isopropyl alcohol is ideal for most general cleaning applications. These alcohol wipers are your daily essential cleaning aid in keeping your work surfaces contaminant-free. IPA WIPERS is ideal for use throughout your production process in non-critical and non-food production areas, as well as for cleaning surfaces areas around your office spaces and other non-production related areas.

IPA WIPERS contains a mixture of 70% IPA and 30% deionized water. IPA WIPERS is packaged in an environmental-friendly, reclosable slider bag and is easier for waste management.


  • Perforated Wipers on a Roll
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Plastic Safe
  • Ideal for Everyday Use
  • Transportable Tub Size
  • Reclosable Lid to keep Wipers moist
  • General Purpose Cleaner



Catalog DPV 2021

The new main catalog "Systems for the electronic manufacture 2021" from DPV is divided into eight topics and presents on 662 pages a selection of our comprehensive product range, ranging from systems against electrostatics and ESD compliant packaging, precision tools and machines for component processing to soldering technology and soldering tin.

Wera adds more colour to the game

Micro screwdrivers become colourful

The screwdrivers from the Kraftform Micro series for precision mechanical and electronic applications are now also equipped with the tool finder Take it easy.

Micro screwdrivers with very small profiles can be especially difficult for the user to locate. That is why Wera is now equipping its most common Micro screwdrivers with the Take it easy tool finder. The unmistakable colour ring leads to the right screw profile choice, the clear marking of the size leads to the right tool for the often very small screws. This innovation applies to the workshop and ESD versions.

Optilia W30-HD EasyView

Full HD 1080p Inspection System

 The W30x-HD EasyView is one in a series of solutions offering fast, cost effective and ergonomic performance enabling first class inspection without sacrificing throughput. To accomplish this the W30x-HD camera has been configured using a powerful formula combining a 30x optical zoom, very fast and responsive auto focus and a highly sensitive Full 1080p High Definition sensor.

Virtual 3D Showroom for PCB and Scientific Prototyping

Discover a total of 16 systems and solutions from LPKF for in-house PCB prototyping and laser micromaterial processing in your own laboratory, divided thematically into four rooms.

From the PCB Basic Line to RF-Prototyping

Get an overview of the product portfolio with a 360 degree pan: For the production of multilayer PCB prototypes or the straightforward production of single and double-sided PCBs. A separate room informs about the prototyping of RF printed circuit boards. The "Micromaterial Processing" room is particularly interesting for scientific prototyping.


7.5 GHz Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzer

SIGLENT Technologies has introduced a new product for its line of RF instrumentation to meet the growing need for higher bandwidths in testing circuit designs for 5G applications. The new Model SVA1075X is a Spectrum and Vector Network Analyzer with a frequency range up to 7.5 GHz. This new Analyzer represent the highest bandwidth product to date for SIGLENT Technologies and can be also be extended with Vector Signal Analysis and other options to increase versatility for meeting the unique challenges of RF circuit design.

FINEPLACER® femto blu

The Efficient Solution for Photonics Production

High Accuracy Bonder

The FINEPLACER® femtoblu is an automated micro assembly cell with a placement accuracy of 2.0 µm @ 3 Sigma and ultra-low bonding force capability.

Designed for prototyping and high-yield production duties, the system supports all bonding technologies specifically required for the assembly of photonic and optoelectronic components. A complete machine enclosure minimizes external influences to ensure a stable process environment and protects the operator against gas, vapor and UV radiation.

CompaCLEAN - PBT Works



  • Defluxing of good or moderately soluble solder residues
  • Removing contamination from handling and board manufacturing
  • Removing FOD
  • Second side misprints on complex assemblies
  • Cleaning before conformal coating
  • Cleaning soldering pallets
  • Fine degreasing of mechanical parts