Works Better


  • Efficient and faster lead time
  • Improving results
  • Reduces chances of losing tools
  • Positive effect
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Prestigious and professional appearance
  • ESD safe versions available


WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot


More than half a century of experience in soldering and superiority in innovation, allows us to take our customers to the next step in achieving production excellence. The new WTBR 1000 Benchtop Robot represents a one-of-a-kind synergy of precision, reliability, and productivity of soldering tasks.


New Spectrum Analyzer from Siglent


Siglent Technologies is proud to be able to show our new coming instrument out of our spectrum analyzer range. The official day for release is the 16th of September 2019, just some days before the Event. So, you have the exclusive chance to touch and test the latest developments right after the release, directly at our booth.


KARL products for industrial use


Our ESD-safe workstations protect sensitive components throughout your value chain. Another advantage of Karl solutions is the ability to adapt our systems ergonomically, protecting the health of your employees and increasing productivity.

Whether it’s the assembly line, test field, or the interaction of several workstations by means of a transfer system, Karl solutions can be individually adapted to suit your needs and ensure that the value chain in your company runs like a well-oiled machine.


Bode-Plot Solutions Bundle

Bode plot 1 Bode plot 1

Power Supply Control Loop Testing at a Lower Price

Do you have a great power design project but don’t know how to achieve the necessary stability measurements? Measuring power supply control loop response doesn’t have to expensive to be effective!

Here is a new powerful but low-cost solution for you. The SIGLENT SDS2000X-E series oscilloscope with its newly released Bode Plot Ⅱ feature together with a SIGLENT SDG2000X series function generator offers a very flexible and easy-to-use power supply control loop measurement system. Click the following link for an application note about the basic principles for making the stability measurement and how to use these instruments to make the measurement.



Fluke Ti401 PRO Thermal Camera


  • Choose the thermal camera that gives you in-focus images in a matter of seconds. LaserSharp™ Auto Focus uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance from your designated target and immediately adjusts the focus.
  • See small details in the image and discover anomalies faster with 640 x 480 resolution thermal images
  • On the thermal camera, adjust the level of infrared and visible light with patented IR-Fusion™ technology
  • Manage data, capture multiple measurements (mechanical, electrical and thermal) and organize them by piece of equipment with Fluke Connect™ software
  • Simply the best optics to transmit energy and produce high quality infrared images. Fluke thermal cameras use only 100% diamond-turned germanium lenses with specialty coatings.


Dimmable Magnifier Light - Waldmann MLD

SB0516MLD magnifier with its distortion-free 3.5 diopter lens provides the precise visibility needed for close inspection work. A ring of LED modules with a color rendering index of >80 surround the magnifier, offering glare-free, clear vision capability no matter what the work environment lighting is like. The two-dimensional head joint and convenient dimming function add to user comfort and convenience.

  • 3.5 diopter magnifying lens surrounded by premium LED modules
  • Oversized 6.3-inch diameter lens made from strong PMMA acrylic
  • Lens cover included to keep lens protected from dust, etc. when not in use
  • 5000K color temperature for bright, clear light
  • Strong anodized aluminum double-arm for easy positioning
  • On/off and dimmable capability


Kester RF550 Rework Flux


Kester RF550 is a high-reliability, zero-halogen, no-clean rework flux designed for electronic component rework and repair applications. RF550 has a gel-like consistency and is packaged in syringes for easy dispensing. RF550 can be precisely dispensed onto specific areas that require flux. After being dispensed, RF550 stays in place until soldering occurs. RF550 has excellent performance in applications requiring high reliability. RF550 is the ideal choice for QFP or BGA semi-automated rework applications, and is well suited for use with through-hole repair. RF550 compliments Kester’s high reliability line of products which are formulated to leave safe residues. RF550 is part of Kester’s high reliability product line and compatible with no-clean NP505-HR Solder Paste, NF372-TB Solder Flux and SELECT-10™ Selective Soldering Flux.




Manual rework of BGA, QFP and sockets.

Software-controlled Rework station with camera for repairing medium-sized to small circuit boards.

The Rework station with 2,000 W heating power in IR technology allows uniform heating over an area of 185 x 245 mm² and prevents mechanical stress due to temperature differences during the process. The high-resolution camera delivers fast, accurate and reproducible placement results. Even the smallest components from a size of 1x1 mm2can be repaired and placed. User-friendly handling is provided by the touch-enabled EASYSOLDER 07 software. Reflow profiles with individual temperature parameters can be created, edited and saved and enable high process reliability and repeatable soldering.

The Expert 05.6 IXH is a precise, cost-effective solution for the complete rework process on one unit.


No Compromise – Precision. Performance. Power.

One Weller WX Station. Every Active Tip.

Production within the electronics, medical technology and aerospace industries is moving faster as components become smaller, more complex and more powerful. The soldering industry is no different. In order to meet these increasing demands, we’re expanding our existing RT series.

Weller Tools is committed to offering the widest range of high-performance active soldering tips. For all of your soldering applications, linked to one of our state-of-the-art WX soldering stations.


Compact Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Camera

The power of a professional-grade thermal imager that fits in your pocket

  • Touchscreen IR Fusion that automatically captures a digital visible light image simultaneously with an infrared image to locate problems easily.
  • 3.5” LCD touchscreen display for easy troubleshooting.
  • Fully radiometric Thermal Imager gives you measurement data to the pixel with 120 x 90 infrared resolution (10,800 pixels)
  • IP54 enclosure rating, it stands up to dirt, water and can withstand drop up to 1 meter.



Siglent SDL1000X Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

  • SDL1020X (Single channel ): DC 150 V/30 A, total power up to 200 W
  • SDL1030X (Single channel ): DC 150 V/30 A, total power up to 300 W
  • 4 static modes / Dynamic mode: CC/CV/CR/CP
  • Min. readback resolution: 0.1 mV, 0.1 mA
  • Adjustable current rise time range: 0.001 A/us~2.5 A/us

SDL1000X/SDL1000X-E series Programmable DC Electronic Load has a 3.5 inch TFT-LCD display, a user-friendly interface and superb performance specifications.


Waldmann WLA Task & Work Bench Lighting

WLA LED mounted workstation system light is an ideal solution for manufacturing, assembly or quality control procedures, and metalworking environments - any area where quality lighting is essential. Three lengths allow for matching the light to the workbench to obtain the broadest light source possible.

The strong anodized aluminum housing and sealed construction protect the inner workings from environmental dust, etc. from entering the fixture. 5000K color temperature with CRI>80 offer bright, glare-free light for visual clarity. All models are designed for thru-wire capability.


GW Instek GPM-8213 Power Meter

GW Instek GPM-8213 power meter is designed specifically for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power supply’s power measurements. Powerful features, including 4” TFT LCD, five-digit measurement display, 19 power measurement parameters, integral measurement function, high-accuracy voltage/current/power measurement capabilities, front/rear panel input terminals, and various communications ports, are to facilitate users with clear, convenient, and accurate power measurements.