Functionality, Design and Ergonomics Customized.

Karl 090QUADRO twin has proven itself in practical use during many years. KARL presents the new developed electrically height adjustable workbench. All requirements for a modern workbench system are met with a height adjustable range of 720 to 1100 mm, without compromises in stability and functionality.

Dynamic and versatile like the people who work at the QUADRO twin SL, a perfect match of ergonomics, functionality and design. All heights of adaptive parts like shelves, 19” rack system, monitor stand are adaptable to the solid QUADRO profiles. Power and data cabling can be installed and covered in the integrated cable channels.

Well thought-out construction details offer maximum flexibility and individual design possibilities. With the extended accessory program the table frame will be quickly transferred into a comfortable allround-talent, with its simple design and concise column profile which appears timeless modernism and fits in all environments and room dimensions.

Detailed perfection.

QUADRO twin SL meets all your requirements and is easy to change and expand.

  • electrically height adjustable from 720 to 1100 mm
  • maximum working comfort and proven ergonomics
  • All adaptive parts can be mounted stepless and height adjustable
  • QUADRO twin SL offers full energy:
    • power, data and communication interface are available right where needed
    • Test & Measurement can be integrated in 19” racks height adjustable and tiltable
    • All cables and cords can be installed and covered
  • optional in ESD-version according to IEC 61340-5-1

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Score At Work

Score At Work Bicolor Upholstered Saddle Seat[1]Create the right chair for the individual workplace.
Ergonomic, modular, sustainable and economic responsible.

  • The first modular ergonomic chair that can be used throughout the organization; in every workplace,from shop floor to boardroom!
  • Dutch Design: One Look & Feel, a timeless design with the utmost comfort
  • Conforms to NPR1813, NEN-EN1335 and ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 standards
  • All modular components are interchangeable, can be individually replaced and are sustainably developed with a high recycle value
  • Highly versatile for the use in offices, at reception desks, in the boardroom, in controlrooms, on production lines, in labs, at cash registers, in home offices, and any other working place where seating comfort is important

Score At Work Blend[1]Multi-purpose, multi-functional, multi-modular

The Score At Work ergonomic chair is a true revolution in comfortable seating for any workplace. Quality, functionality and durability are seamlessly combined with design: Dutch Design. The completely modular concept of the Score At Work system results in a suitable chair that can be assembled for any workplace. So you can start compiling your chair of choice directly from the countless number of combinations. Components can be easily replaced, so if you desire to replace the seat and backrest, you don’t have to purchase a whole new chair. That is true modular convenience, sustainable and economically responsible! The Score At Work meets the requirements of NPR1813, NEN-EN1335 and ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 standards. Score chairs have a 5 year warranty period (terms and conditions apply).

The Score At Work concept offers multiple benefits , both now and in the future. It is durable, hygienic, creates One Look & Feel at every workplace and, on top of that, is a very smart investment. Above all, the Score At Work is designed to be comfortable.

Score At Work Mix & Match

A Score At Work Contact with contemporary Bicolor Trevira fabric with armrests? Or a Score At Work Flowmatic in a sturdy PU design for active sitting on the production floor? Or would you prefer a Score At Work with a high backrest and luxurious Blend upholstery? Whether it should be functional or just look good, the Score At Work can fulfil almost every need. The entire chair can be assembled without tools. Making a choice between wheels, trumpet glides, aluminium base or plastic frame is not a problem at all with the  Score At Work concept. The ergonomically shaped backrest offers good spinal support, while shoulders and arms are able to enjoy freedom of movement. As a result of the modular concept, it is made possible to create a seat that suits the requirements of each individual user. Available in 3 mechanisms: Contact, Synchromatic or Flowmatic foroptimum seating comfort.

Score At Work Set[2]

Special options and accessories

  • ESD
  • Inflatable lumbar support for Bicolor and Blend models
  • Tailored upholstery upon request

Download the PDF brochure here

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