Pick and Place Machine TronStol A1

Pick and Place Machine TronStol A1
TronStol A1 automated pick and place machine is the latest high-precision laser flying mounter developed by our company, which can stably and efficiently mount high-precision components such as 0201 and BGA. Compared with a semi-automatic SMT pick and place machine, this automatic SMT pick and place machine is based on the Linux system platform, combined with the advantages of CAN hardware and LIN communication protocol, and systematically connects the whole machine with 5 modules and nearly 80 sub-devices, providing you with industrial-grade performance and stability. Among ordinary automatic PCB/SMD/SMT soldering machines, TronStol A1 automatic pick and place machine is with the ability of fast response, flexible deployment, stability, and reliability.

LPKF ProtoLaser

Structuring of finest path patterns

  • Benchmark for printed circuit boards processing
  • Simple, fast, precise
  • Different laser wavelengths and pulse frequencies
  • Intuitive CircuitPro system software


Tronstol E4 Automatic Pick & Place Machine

E4 is a high-speed, precise equipment for placing components.  It has a wide range of applications and can mount a variety of  materials, such as: RC(0201,0402,) QFP QFN, BGA, LED,  common lamp beads, etc. XV axis uses the structure of screw  guide&guide rail ensures the stability of mechanical  movement, and servo closed-loop system ensures the  accuracy of placement. E4 adopts CCD 3D laser flying camera,  which can identify and scan various types of components, and it also improves the actual mounting speed. E4 uses automatic pocket recognition and SMART feeders with location  recognition for faster setup.

Siglent SDS2000X HD 12-bit Oscilloscopes

SIGLENT presents its first oscilloscope series with 12-bit vertical resolution
Applications from power electronics, medical technology, or the IoT often require fine vertical resolution to analyze signal anomalies. The 8-bit resolution of oscilloscopes commonly available on the market is generally insufficient to record these details. A device with 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion provides 16x more resolution and is therefore very well suited for these tasks. The maximum benefit of 12-bit resolution can only be achieved with a low-noise front end. The new SIGLENT  SDS2000X HD delivers low noise, high resolution, and many standard functions to give Engineers the tools they need to succeed.


Innovative. Dynamic. Timeless.
The table for a thousand ideas
QUADRO is as changeable as the products that are created on it. Tailored to the complex work processes in assembly, laboratory, QUADRO does not allow any research institutions or apprenticeships wishes open. You can design it exactly how you want it and the purpose requires it.

QUADRO is much more than a table. As a premium product from Karl, the table system combines high quality workmanship, excellent functionality and well-engineered ergonomics for a modern, innovative workplace system.

With its timeless design, light gray base color and decorative colored accents, QUADRO ensures a positive and motivating atmosphere in the workplace and helps release energy and creativity.

Weller WXPP MS Soldering Iron Set for High Precision Applications

For miniature works under microscope: 0402 and down to 01005. Triple awarded, patented active tip technology that works with Weller WX stations.
Production within the electronics, medical technology and aerospace industries is moving faster as components become smaller, more sensitive, complex and more powerful. The soldering industry is not different. With the Weller WXPP MS Soldering Iron with RTP MS tips you meet these increasing demands and provide maximum protection to the printed circuit board and the component you're soldering. With the MS tips you achieve the best results and keep your operation costs as low as possible. The Weller MS (military standard) soldering tips with active tip technology are fully compliant with IPC industry standards IPC - TM-650 2.5.33 (Measurement of Electrical Overstress from Soldering Hand Tools) and are also MIL-SPEC compliant. Extend your Weller WX workbench with a pico soldering tool. Always use MS tips with MS irons.

LPKF ProtoLaser H4

Enhanced Tabletop System for Fast PCB Processing

  • Quick surface processing on all common circuit board materials
  • Exact geometries thanks to contactless, scanner-based process
  • Precise drilling and routing of even thick substrates using mechanical drilling
  • Compact and safe tabletop system: lab-ready, class 1 laser
  • Easy operation using intelligent, intuitive system software LPKF CircuitPro RP



Handheld Thermography Camera
HIKMICRO B1L handheld thermography camera is designed for temperature measurement to find invisible faults. It’s equipped with a 160 × 120 resolution HIKMICRO thermal detector. The thermography ranges from -20°C to 550°C. Which meets most situation. It helps the staff to quickly find the fault according to accurate temperature measurement of high temperature targets in the environment. Meanwhile it provides assistant decision and ensure safety. The device is mainly applied to various industries, such as building, HVAC, and auto industry.



The Most Powerful Tool for Lab & Research

Multi-Purpose Manual Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® pico 2 is a multi-purpose, manual die bonder with placement accuracy down to 3 µm. Quick to set up and easy to operate, the system is ideal for fast and flexible product development and prototyping in R&D labs and universities.


The table for a thousand ideas

QUADRO is as changeable as the products that are created on it. Tailored to the complex work processes in assembly, laboratory, QUADRO does not allow any research institutions or apprenticeships wishes open. You can design it exactly how you want it and the purpose requires it.

LPKF ProtoLaser H4

Best from both worlds on the table: fast and straight drilling without taper also on thick substrates and fastest surface processing with minor to none surface damage.

Main Applications – IR Laser
Precise structuring / ablation /laser etching of conductive metal layers on:

  • Standard FR4, single, double-sided, 5-35um Cu
  • Some RF materials, PTFE or ceramic filled, double-sided, processed only on a one side
  • Dupont Pyralux AC, Al on PET
  • ProMask ablation
  • Line / Space: 100 µm / 50 µm


Nano Dimension - DragonFly IV

Build, Test, and Iterate Electronics in a Single Day

A multi-material, multi-layer 3D printer that generates entire circuits in one step — including substrate, conductive traces, and passive components.

Nano Dimension is the pioneer and provider of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) technology – an alternative in-house method of fabricating printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic devices.

We’re also not just changing the scale of production, we’re changing the scale of products, with Fabrica 3D precision micro AM printers that can craft details down to the micron level.

Siglent SDS6000A Series Oscilloscopes

SIGLENT presents a new flagship 2 GHz oscilloscope and continues to expand advanced product capabilities.

Ever higher switching and signal frequencies in modern devices lead to growing demands on measurement technology. The right bandwidth of the measuring device is a basic requirement for the accurate measurement of these signals. A low-noise input stage and a high sampling rate are important to ensure high signal integrity. The new oscilloscope series SDS6000A from Siglent addresses these requirements. The operating concept is well thought out and intuitive enabling measurements to be configured quickly and increases efficiency in the laboratory.